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Dikbekwewer / Thick-Billed weaver / Amblyospiza albifrons
Dikbekwewer / Thick-Billed weaver / Amblyospiza albifrons

We were all delighted to spot this fellow!

Once again Villa Amor have been graded and awarded five star grading
Once again Villa Amor have been graded and awarded five star grading in the Country House category!
This grading is another indication that customers can expect to enjoy top quality accommodation and service.
For us as owners it is a reward and acknowledgement of all the hard work!

Geelbekwitreier / Yellow-Billed Egret / Egretta intermedia
This little Egret has always been around but somehow never ended up on the list until a bird loving customer spotted it.
It is often a delight of customers to watch the birds in and around Villa Amor luscious gardens.
A bird loving guest spotted this little woodpecker in the garden.
Goudstertspeg / Goldentailed woodpecker / Camptethera Abongoni

A bird loving guest spotted this little woodpecker in the garden

As it was not yet on our list he earned himself a 10% on his accommodation!

According to him he will be back as he is sure there are more new birds to spot.

Our vegetable garden is bursting with new succulent vegetables. September 2019
Our vegetable garden is bursting with new succulent vegetables. Lovely fresh potatoes, turnips, onions.
We have planted Gherkins and when next you visit you might very get freshly made gherkins in your salad!

Our winter special came to an end. Watch out soon for more specials.
Lilizela Awards 2016
Once again Villa Amor was announced Provincial winner in the 5 star Country House category of the Lilizela awards. National winners will be announced on 16 Oct at a black tie ceremony.
Bird Watching at Villa Amor
Did you know that the lush gardens at Villa Amor attract many birds and that many people love to sit in one of the many isolated spots in the garden, or even on their own wooden deck and to watch birds

See the list of birds spotted. When you stay here next please give us the names of any new species seen so that we can update the list

Afrikaans / English / Scientific

Bokmakierie / Bokmakieire / Telophorus zeylonus
Mikstertbyvanger / Fork-taled Drongo / Dicrurus adsimilis
Swaelstertbyvreter / Swallow-taled Bee-eater / Merops hirundineus
Diederikkie / Dideric Cuckoo / Chrysococcyx caprius
Gewone tortelduif / Cape Turtle Dove / Streptopelia capicola
Grootringduif / Red-eyed Dove / Streptopelia semitorquata
Kransduif / Speckled pigeon / Columba guinea
Kolgans / Egyptian Goose / Alopochen aegyptiacus
Kleinglansspreeu / Cape Glossy Starling / Lamprotonis nitens
Kaapse glasogie / Cape White eye / Zosterops virens
Hadeda / Hadeda Ibis / Bostrychia hagedash
Hoephoep / African Hoopoe / Upupa Africana
Kuifkophoutkapper / Crested Barbet / Trachyphonus vaillantii
Rooikophoutkapper / Black-Collard barbet / Lybius torquatus
Rooibekkakelaar / Green Wood-Hoepoe / Phoeniculus purpureus
Pylvlekkatlagter / Arrow marked babler / Turdoides jardineii
Bontkiewet / Blacksmith Lapwing / Vanellus armatus
Kroonkiewet / Crowned Lapwing / Vanellus cronatus
Witborskraai / Pied Crow / Corvus albus
Kwevoel / Grey Go-away bird / Corythaixoides concolor
Gewone kwikkie / Cape Wagtail / Motacillia capensis
Fiskaallaksman / Common Fiscal / Lanius collaris
Gevlekte lyster / Groundscraper Thrush / Psophocichla litstsirupa
Rooibeklyster / Kurrichane Thrush / Turdus libonyanus
Gewone mossie / Cape Sparrow / Passer melanurus
Gryskopmossie / Southern Grey-headed Sparrow / Passer diffuses
Gevlekte muisvoel / Speckled Mousebird / Colius striatus
Witkruismuisvoel / White-backed Mousebird / Colius colius
Afrikaanse naguil / Fiery-necked nightjar / Caprimulgus pectoralis
Donkernaguil / Freckled Nightjar / Caprimulgus tristigma
Greysneushoringvoel / African Grey Hornbill / Tockus nasutus
Gestreepte nuwejaarsvoel / Levaillant's Cuckoo / Oxylophus levaillantii
Piet-my-vrou / Red-chested Cuckoo / Cuculus solitaries
Spookvoel / Grey-headed Bushshrike / Malaconotus blanchoti
Indiese spreeu / Common Myna / Acridotheres tristis
Rooiborssuikerbekkie / Scarlet-chested Sunbird / Chalcomitra senegalensis
Huisswael / Common House Martin / Delichon urbica
Gewone blousysie / Blue Waxbil / Uraeginthus angolensis
Gewone tarerntaal / Helmeted Guineafowl / Numida meleagris
Kuifkoptarentaal / Crested Guineafowl / Guttera pucherani
Swartoogtiptol / Blackeyed bulbul / Pycnonotus tricolor
Gevlekte ooruil / Spotted Eagle Owl / Bubo africanus
Kleingeelvink / Lesser masked Weaver / Ploceus intermedius
Rooivink / Southern Red Bishop / Euplectes orix
Bosvelvisvanger / Woodland kingfisher / Halcyon senegalensis
Bruinkopvisvanger / Brown-hooeded kingfisher / Halcyon albiventris
Gewone vleiloerie /Burchell's Coucal / Centropus burchelli
Paradysvlieevanger / African Paradise flycatcher / Perpsiphone viridis
Suidelike waterfiskaal / Southern boubou / Laniarius ferrugnineus
Swartkopwieliewaal / Black-headed Oriole / Oriolus larvatus
Geelbekwitreier / Yellow-Billed Egret / Egretta intermedia

Villa Amor has again been graded and was awarded 5 Star Status!!
In discussion with the Grading Council it was decided to change Villa Amor from a Boutique Hotel to Country House status as this best describes the look and feel of Villa Amor

The setting has a rural feel to it with Lion roars often heard at night! The Farm Inn Wildlife Sanctuary is very close. The trendy Cowhouse market adds to the rural feel

Yet we are situated within kilometres of Menlyn and The Grove shopping malls and The Wilgers Life hospital. Also close are a number of top golf courses

As always we will continue to give the best services to our guests

Villa Amor

Farm Inn -

Menlyn -

The Grove -

The WIlgers -

Cowhouse -

New Suite added - La Masquarade - July 2015
We have just finished a fabulous new suite - La Masquarade - photos and weblisting soon to follow!!
Villa Amor Star Grading
Did you notice the new 5 Stars on the top left of the home page?

We are very proud that we have recently been awarded "5 Star Boutique Hotel" status by the Tourism Grading council of South Africa!

We will continue to give the high quality service and experience to our Guests as before!
Centurion Camera Club
Centurion Camera Club will be hosting their Macro photography workshop at Villa Amor on the 25th of May. There will be a presentation by Anne d'Oliveira followed by practical workshops with a social afterwards

For Centurion Camera Club details please visit

February 2013
Once again Villa Amor will host a romantic Valentine's Dinner Dance. Two dates available - Thursday 14 February 2013 and Saturday 16 February 2013
August 2013
Prolific Birdlife
At Villa Amor there is a prolific birdlife make use of the abundant trees on the property. A project is underway to compile a full list of birds present. The current list is already extensive. More details soon to follow.
Petanque Court
The LM Grass around the Petanque court under the acasia trees has now covered the area and with the local birds in the trees it is a very relaxing atmosphere..
Photo Shoot
A well known Pretoria based photographer recently used Villa Amor for a photo shoot. Both the photographer and the models were very happy with the facilities. Although they were tired after a hard day's work, all of them were thrilled with the results. The photos will be in the gallery soon.
AA Superior Quality Accommodation
On 18 July 2012 Villa Amor was awarded the prestigious AA Superior Quality Accommodation in the country style lodge
Villa Amor opening May 2012
Villa Amor is officially opening May 2012. The guesthouse offers luxurious accommodation at a special opening rate

We offer state of the art conference and event facilities for groups of 40 and smaller. Villa Amor is the ideal venue for your conference, seminar or teambuilding sessions

A variety of ideally and perfect suitable rooms and areas is available for your event, may it be your wedding, wedding renewal, baptism, kitchen tea or any other event. Luscious green gardens, a french Provencal setting under the vines, a small gathering around the braai to a stylish night in the wine cellar just to mention a few venue options to suit your requirements.

Dikbekwewer / Thick-Billed weaver / Amblyospiza albifrons
We were all delighted to spot this fellow!
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